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Class Ranking
PDF Course Syllabus, Spring 2015
Reference Material
Revit Tutorial Complete with Documentation
Revit Tutorial Complete without Documentation
Rendering of project with grass lawn
Revit Lesson 3 Startup file
Revit Lesson 2 Startup file
Revit Architecture Workable House Model
AutoCAD 3D file for dimensioning
PDF Loose Guidelines for ce107 Presentations
PDF Getting Started with Revit Architecture
Civil 3D end of Lesson 1 file
Civil 3D Lesson 2 starting file
Civil 3D Applications
PDF Sample Work of ce107 Students - 2009
PDF Sample Work of ce107 Students - 2011
Power Point Presentation of Previous Work
PDF 2013 Term Project Requirement
Civil 3D Random Information
PDF Civil 3D Users Guide
PDF Civil 3D Best Practices Guide
Reference Material

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