Processing for Microelectronics

EE 438L, 3 Units

Spring 2001

3:30-6:20 W -- GFS 220

Prerequisite: EE 338 or consent of instructor




Course Description


Instructor Kian Kaviani
Office Powell Hall 528
Phone 213.740.8495
Office hours T 1:00-3:00  PM  or 
by appointment


IScience & Engineering of Microelectronic Fabrication, by Campbell, Addison Wesley Publishing, 1997.

1) Introduction to Microelectronics Fabrication (Vol. V Modular Series on Solid State Devices), Richard C. Jeager, Addison - Wesley Publishing Company, 1993.
2) Silicon Processing for the VLSI era, Vol. 1 - 3, Wolf & Tauber, 1990



Lecture Schedule

 January 9  Introductory remarks & grouping of students
 January 16  Si wafers, preparation, orientation, & defect characterization 
 January 23  Thermal oxidation of Si
 January 30  Lithography
 February 07  Overall process description, mask layout & comments on writing technical reports
 February 13  Quiz # 1 (Oxidation & Lithography)
 February 20  Diffusion
 February 27  Ion Implantation
 March 6  Etching (Wet & Plasma)
 March 13  Quiz # 2 (Diffusion & Ion Implantation
 March 20  Spring Break
 March 27  Metallization
 April 3  Electrical characterizations of PN, Schottky diodes, resistors, TLMs, etc.
 April 10  Electrical Characterization of MOSFETs
 April 17  Quiz # 3 on DC characterization
 April 24  Assembly & Packaging & Concluding remarks (Final Report Due)



Grading Policy

Quizzes 20%
Lab Performance 20%
Final Report (Due: April 24) 50%


Important Notes:

For every day delay in turning your final report, you will lose 10% of its credit.

Important Notes: If there is any sign of copying previous EE 438 lab reports, the guilty student will receive 0% for that report and will be referred to the Office of Student Conduct for further action.

 Any violations of the University Student Conduct Code will be referred to the Office of Student Conduct.

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