EE 469 Introduction to Digital Media Engineering, Spring 2002



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The purpose of this course is to present the basic techniques for processing, storage and delivery of media such as audio, images and video. This requires an understanding of digital signal processing for one dimensional signals, as well as its extensions to 2D cases. The emphasis in this class will be on the theoretical basis for the processing, rather than on the tools used for processing. The class will include extensive hands on problem solving using tools such as Matlab. This course is targeted at EE or CS seniors, and first year graduate students.

This semester EE 469 will be structured around the understanding of a single video compression system, loosely based on the MPEG, H.26x international video compression standards. The goal is not to study MPEG as such, but rather to study the key components and tools that are used in designing such a system. We will cover both 1D and 2D tools. The key components to be studied are: sampling, digital filtering, image transforms, quantization, entropy coding and motion estimation and compensation.

Course organization

The homeworks will include both computer assignments and solution of textbook problems. The computer assignments will be based on Matlab.  The exams will be cumulative and will be open book/notes. The grade will be based on homeworks (25%), midterms (25% each) and a final (25%).


EE 301a, Introduction to Linear Systems or EE 483 Digital Signal Processing, EE364 or EE 464 Probability Theory or MATH 407, or equivalent courses. While EE 483 is not required, it is preferable to take EE 469 after EE 483. Please send me email or call me if you have any questions about the prerequisites.

Textbook and tools

(Note: Class notes will be distributed).

Material covered and deadlines (based on Spring '00, will be updated with every lecture)

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