Probability Theory for Engineers
EE 464,  3 Units
Spring 1998
Prerequisite: None
Course Description


Instructor           Dr. M. Shiva                                  Teaching Assistant        Huiwen Li 
        Lecture     :        9-10:15am TTh, OHE 100                                       Discussion      :         OHE 100
          Office     :         EEB 102                                                                       Office                EEB 104
         Phone              213-7402221 or 714-2783023                                      Phone     :          213-740
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Office hours      :          Tu: after class, Th: 10:30-11:30am, 1-2pm              Office hours    :          Wed 2-4pm
Text Books
Probability, Random Variables, & Stochastic Processes(Chap. 1-8), 3rd edition, A. Papoulis

Additional references:
Probability and Stochastic Processes for Engineers, 2nd edition, C. W. Helstrom, Macmillan Publishing, 1991
Probability and Statistics, A. Papoulis, Prentice Hall, 1990


 Class Topics
Chapter Topics
Chap 1 The meaning of probability
Chap 2  The Axioms of Probability: 
Set Theory 
Probablity Space 
Conditional Probability
Chap  3 Repeated Trials: 
Bernoulli Trials 
Poisson Approximation 
Gaussian Approximation
Chap  4 Random Variable: 
Distribution Function and Density Function
Chap  5 Function of One Random Variable g(X): 
Mean and Variance 
Characteristic Functions
Chap  6 Two Random Variables: 
Functions of Two Random Variables
Chap  7 Moments and Conditional Distributions: 
Joint Moments 
Conditional Expectations 
Mean Square Estimation
Chap  8 Sequences of Random Variables: 
General Concepts 
Stochastic Convergence and Limit Theorems 
Random Numbers
Grading Policy

                                                                       Homeworks:           10%
                                                                       Test1:                      25% (Feb 19, 1998)
                                                                       Test2:                      25%
                                                                       Final:                        40% (May 5, Tuesday, 11-1pm)

   Homeworks are assigned weekly, and are due one week after assigned.
   Any violations of the University Student Conduct Code will be referred to the Office of Student Conduct.

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