ENGR 102 Engineering Freshman Academy
ENGR 102 Engineering Freshman Academy

USC Viterbi School of Engineering ENGR 102 (Fall 2010)



Elaine Chew
Industrial and Systems Engineering
Electrical Engineering
Spirit animal - dolphin
USC UPC GER 241, MC:0193
Tel: (213) 8212414
Fax: (213) 7401120
Office hours: Mon/Tue, 1:30pm-2:30pm
initiallastname [ at ] usc.edu


Kristi Lu
Junior, Biomedical Engineering
Spirit animal - horse
firstnamelastname [ at ] usc.edu

Jeremy Middleton
Sophomore, Biomedical Engineering
Emphasis Biochemical Engineering
Spirit animal - nighthawk
initialinitialmiddle [ at ] usc.edu

Drew Nollsch
Sophomore, Mechanical Engineering
Merit Research in ISE
Intern at KSCR

Rebecca Sekar
Senior, Biomedical Engineering
Marketing Minor
Co-Director, USC Helenes
Co-Director, Spirits in Action
Summer Intern at Cooper Vision

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Course Content

The activities in this class are designed to provide an overview of engineering and science concepts, and to assist in the transition from high school to college. There will be academy-wide distinguished lectures, engineering lab tours, and in-class projects. Each two-hour class will begin with a 15-minute presentation on an engineering discipline. The first part of class will be devoted to a presentation by experts in different engineering fields, or a lab tour, or a workshop on some college survival skill, such as resume building, using the science/engineering library, and presentation/leadership skills. The second part of the class will involve activities that take advantage of your newly acquired knowledge and skills. The detailed syllabus (week-to-week activities) will be posted on this class website.

Grading Policy

This is a Credit/No Credit class. You will be graded on your attendance. The coaches will be taking attendance each week, and you can miss up to two classes. You are expected to attend the three to four academy lectures. The coaches will be organizing two out-of-class events over the course of the semester. You should plan to attend at least one of these events.