ENGR 102 Engineering Freshman Academy: Final Projects (28512)
ENGR 102 Engineering Freshman Academy

USC Viterbi School of Engineering ENGR 102 (Fall 2010)

  Final Projects ( 28512,  

Final Class Projects (Section 28512)

Each of these projects is an implementation of an engineering idea. The projects were evaluated by the class on (1) Creativity; (2) Application of Engineering Principles; (3) Presentation; (4) Website design. The winners, by popular vote, are shown with gold and silver award ribbons.

Overall Winner, Best Presentation

BoeBot Music: music in engineering
by Keith DeRuiter, Emily Erickson, Caitlin Kirkpatrick, and Cameron McClees

Overall Runner-up, Best Application of Engineering

Optical Synthesizer (so fresh the paint is not completely dry yet!)
by Dylan Foster, Alex Jones, James Kim, Katie Fries

Most Creative (Tie)

Reverse Camelback
by Team Parkside: Alex Brawley, Carina Prynn, Via Flores, Kevin Liu

Best Website

Duct Tape Cross Bow
by Justin Hunter, Kendall Niemann, and Derek Peters

Hallmark Card iPod Speakers
by Natalie Foley, David Levesque, Natalie Alvarez, Erik Aguillion

Bouncing Ball (coded in C-sharp)
by Dan Bloznalis, Sonia Kumar, Allison Wisniewski, Steven Ilami

Piezoelectric Shoes
by Traci Chang, Catherine Jensen, and Shveta Venkatram

The Best Frozen Drink
by Takumi Takahashi, Qiaoyi Zhang, Nathan Carzon, and Justin Kwok

Most Creative (Tie)

Solar Fan Hat
by Can Gurel and Baris Balat

Light Up Recorder
by Noorean Gill, Jordan Thayer, Mike Ray, Dan Eigner

Everyday Sounds: a day in the life of a Trojan
by Nelson Yi and Katherine Hu