ENGR 102 Engineering Freshman Academy: Final Projects (28517)
ENGR 102 Engineering Freshman Academy

USC Viterbi School of Engineering ENGR 102 (Fall 2010)

  28517 )  

Final Class Projects (Section 28517)

Each of these projects is a proposal of a new gadget, some realizable (and implemented) and some not. Some are extensions of pre-existing ideas, and some are novel proposals. The projects are rated by each team according to (1) Originality; (2) Complexity; (3) Feasibility; and, (4) Overall. The winners, by popular vote, are shown with gold and silver award ribbons.

Best Total, Best Overall, Most Original

Workout Calculator (new concept + prototype)
by Taterspork: Katie Powell, Justin Tang, Naren Sahai and Sunny Guan

Runner-up Total Score (Tie), Runner-up Overall

iRuler (new concept)
by This Team: Divakar Singamsetty, Jay Whang, Robert Fletcher

Runner-up Total Score (Tie), Best Feasible Project

Massive Subwoofers (proven doable at frat party)
Team Awesome: by Eugene Stuckless, Lindsey Davis, Sarah Dauterman

Blood Pressure (new concept)
by BSJ2: Bao Tran, Jennifer Yee, Joyce Liu, and Somya Sharma

Water-Powered Calculator (re-invented concept)
by The Dream Team: Kevin, Brenton and Anna

Most Complex

Wind Turbines (existing concept)
by Team Arrogance: Clifford Brooks, Matt Shmitmeyer, Rishi Mukhopadhyay

The Siren (prototype in progress)
by Chew Crew: Mike Eisel, Jennifer Vides, Javier Garcia, Jorge Go

One-Handed Saxophone (existing concept)
by That Team: Merrick Bautista, Stephanie, Ailsa, Tiffany

DIY Headphone Sweatshirt (extension of existing concept)
by One: Ken Flynn, Mark Floro, Vince Kato, Nick Medina

Media Film Wrap (new concept)
by Team Slacker: Bryan Webb, Justin Liptak, Sarah Cusson, Mia Smith