ISE 525 Design of Experiments
Spring Semester 2004
M,W 3:30 - 4:45 pm PST
OHE 100F


1/9/04     The first class session will be held on Monday, 1/12/04. The Syllabus is available through the link below. The Assignments, Data Sets, and Grades pages are not available. Students should visit the USC Distance Education Network Blackboard site ( for additional information.

10/29/03     Minitab statistical analysis software is demonstrated throughout the lectures. Students are not required to use Minitab; however, use of an appropriate statistical analysis software is necessary. Minitab is an excellent product for our purposes. Release 13 or later is recommended. Alternatives would include Matlab or S-Plus. On-campus students will find Minitab installed in GER 309 and all ISD PC laboratories. Off-campus students may visit for information about purchasing or renting Minitab.

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Data Sets