ISE 525 Design of Experiments
Spring Semester 2004
M,W 3:30 - 4:45 pm
OHE 100F

Instructor:    Dr. Kurt Palmer
                         Office: GER 206B
                         Hours: M,W 1:15 - 2:45 pm
                         Phone: 740-5960

Recommended Preparation: ISE 225 Engineering Statistics I (or equivalent)

Objective: In this course, you will develop the skills necessary to plan efficient data collection activities, derive empirical models of physical systems, and perform sequential optimization studies based upon the empirical models.

Text: Myers & Montgomery, "Response Surface Methodology", second edition

Course Material: Chapters 1-7 and 11 of the text, plus topics discussed in lecture by the instructor. For details, see the Reading Assignments

Grading Policies:
                      Points Breakdown -

                                      Homework     90
                                      Project         150
                                      Exam #1       140
                                      Exam #2       120
                                           Subtotal   500

                                      Final Exam   150

Course GRADES will be determined by the distribution of point totals for the class. "Natural groupings" will be used to assign letter grades. The highest scoring group will receive As, the next group is the Bs, and so on. A single point will not be the difference between any two letter grades. A "gap" must exist to create a grade boundary.

HOMEWORK  assignments will be due on the following Wednesdays:

January 28; February 4, 11; and March 3, 10, 24

Homework will be graded on an "all or nothing" basis. A reasonable attempt at each exercise will earn all 15 points. Late assignments will be accepted up to one week after the original due date.

A PROJECT will be due on the following date:

Monday, April 19

The project will involve investigation and optimization of a response surface. You will collect data from a computer simulation, in order to model the surface. For this project, you may work either individually or in pairs. The project assignment will be distributed about two or three weeks in advance of the due date.

An EXAM will be given on each of the following dates:

Wednesday, February 18 and Wednesday, March 31

Each exam will cover the material presented up to and including the preceeding homework assignment. Points will be assigned to each section of the exam. Partial credit will be awarded according to work shown. No re-takes will be allowed. No make-up exam will be given. If you miss an exam, you must take the final exam.

The FINAL EXAM is scheduled for Friday, May 7. It will be comprehensive and will be graded similarly to the other exams. A student may elect to omit the final exam, if both exams and the project have been completed.

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