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Posted 4 Dec 2003.: Final Reminder
Many of you have sent in your project submissions.
Make sure you have satisfied all the project requirements...
-- Elaine

Posted 3 Dec 2003.: REMINDER: project submission rules
Please send a ***LINK*** (I stress, ONLY a link) to your project source files as specified in your last set of lecture notes by 12NOON tomorrow, Thursday, December 4.

Students/groups who have created applets should compress the source files as either a *.tar or *.zip file. Students/groups who have created java applications should compress the source files as a *.tar or *.zip file and also create a *.jar file for running the application.

See you all tomorrow evening for your presentations. I am looking forward to seeing your creations. -- Elaine

Posted 25 Nov 2003.: Three announcements ...
The ISE Department Holiday Party will take place Dec 8, 12-2pm in the Parkside Senior Lounge. Do come and enjoy the good food and company. Be sure to RSVP to Georgia Lum if you plan to attend .

I would also like to make a couple course announcements (syllabi in attachments) for Spring 2004:

[1] If you enjoy mathematics and computation, do consider taking ISE520 (Optimization: Theory and Algorithms) taught by Dr. Fernando Ordonez. The course focuses on the theory and practice of convex optimization, an area in which Dr. Odonez is a leading expert.

[2] If you enjoyed the special session on MIDI this semester, do consider taking ISE599 (Engineering Approaches to Music Perception and Cognition). The course focuses on computational models and algorithms in music. You will have another opportunity to manipulate MIDI in a class project.

If you are interested in these courses, please sign up by the second week of December.

Have a good Thanksgiving! -- Elaine

Posted 20 Nov 2003.: Final Project
So far, I have only received project descriptions and icons from two groups. Please send your project title, description and icon to me ASAP. Please see the examples at -- Elaine

Posted 4 Nov 2003.: Midterm Grades
I have gone ahead and posted your final score on the midterm on blackboard. On Thursday, I will give a breakdown of the points and how you did in each section. See you then! -- Arpi

Posted 4 Nov 2003.: Announcements for this week
I will be out-of-town for a conference this Thursday. Arpi Mardirossian will be teaching in my place. She will cover material on ways to generate and manipulate MIDI (Music Instrument Digital Interface) using Java.
I have looked at your performance in the midterm (many of you did very well) and Arpi will be posting the detailed breakdown of your midterm grades this week. She will also be announcing the mean/std dev statistics and your letter grade for the midterm in class on Thursday. ~~ Elaine

Posted 30 Oct 2003.: Project
Guidelines: the project should have a display, there should be some user input with resulting change, and some computational process. The project can be carried out individually or as a two-person team. If you choose to work in a two-person team, be sure to include a report on the individual contributions of the two persons. To facilitate display of your project results, be prepared to produce a project icon, summary and working applet. ~~ EC

Posted 22 Oct 2003.: Midterm
The midterm has been disseminated. It is due back (instructions on email) at 10pm tomorrow (Thursday, 23 Oct). Please let me know if you have not received it. ~~ EC

Posted 22 Oct 2003.: Homework 5b: Reminder
Please add an "accelerometer" to your MIDI dashboard. This should be some shape (e.g. a circle) that would change colors depending on whether the new velocity was greater than or less than the former. Be sure to use a combination of listeners and observers to model the interaction loop. ~~ EC

Posted 9 Oct 2003.: Homework 5
HW5 has been posted. Please pick it up. ~~ EC

Posted 2 Oct 2003.: Homework 4b
For this week's homework, please add the following to your tic-tac-toe game:
(1) read-from-file and write-to-file methods to retrieve and document a game;
(2) use an array to store the game positions. ~~ EC

Posted 2 Oct 2003.: Class Location
Until further notice, the class will meet in GER309 at 6:30pm from now on. ~~ Elaine

Posted 26 Sep 2003.: Homework 4
Has been posted. Please check the Homeworks page. You may work in pairs or solo for this programming assignment. The homework is due next Thursday, Oct 2, at 5pm. ~~ EC

Posted 24 Sep 2003.: Class Location this week
Unless you hear otherwise by 12noon tomorrow -- check your email -- the class will meet at 6:30PM in GER309, Thursday, 25 Sep 2003.

Posted 19 Sep 2003.: Homework 3
Has been posted. Please check the Homeworks page. You are supposed to work in pairs for all the programming parts (i.e. questions 2 and 3). The homework is due next Thursday, Sep 25, at 5pm. ~~ EC

Posted 12 Sep 2003.: Homework 2
Has been posted. Please check the Homeworks page. ~~ EC

Posted 9 Sep 2003.: Overcrowding in SAL 127
As you all know, currently the classroom SAL 127 is overcrowded and we may not be able to continue using the computer lab for lectures. Please note that the Information Systems requirement in the MSEMT program is also satisfied by ISE583, and in the MSISE program by ISE580. If you have never had a computer programming class, please consider one of the other options. ~~ EC

Posted 5 Sep 2003.: ISE 582 Homework 1
Please note that homework 1 is now available online. Click on either "Homeworks" or "Handouts" in the menu on the left to access the document. If you feel you need a conditional statement in your problem solution, please refer to

The notes from the tuturial have also been posted on the Handouts page.

Note that class will BEGIN AT 6:30PM and be located at GER 309 on September 11 and 18. ~~ EC

Posted 30 Aug 2003.: ISE 582 HTML Assignment
Hello Class,
I recently received a few questions about this, and wanted to clarify for everyone. For Homework 1 (as well as any other homework requiring html) you are required to write html code from scratch. Please do not use editors such as Dreamweaver and Frontpage.

Posted 29 Aug 2003.: ISE 582: Homework Procedure
Hello ISE 582,
It was great meeting you all yesterday. I hope that you have a great semester and enjoy ISE582! Your first homework assignment is due on Sep. 4th by 5:00pm. Please keep the following in mind for all homework assignments:
* For your homework to be considered "on time", it must be emailed to me by the due date and time.
* In the Subject please put the following: ISE582 lastname, firstname - homework#. So for example, if your name is John Smith and you are turning in the first homework assignment, you would put the following in the subject: ISE582 Smith, John - Homework 1
* In this email you must attach your source files (either HTML or Java) as well as links to where I can find the website (for html only). For the first homework, you will send me your .html files as well as a link to your website. For future java homework, you will email me your .java files.
Please let me know if you have any questions or concerns.
Thanks, Arpi.

Posted 28 Aug 2003.:
Hello class: Welcome to ISE 582. I look forward to another exciting year of fun-filled projects and Harry Potter escapades. This year's class will be assisted by Arpi Mardirossian, a very capable alum of ISE582. Due to the unexpected size of the class, the lectures will take place in SAL 127, except for Sep 11 and 18, when they will take place in GER 309. You should check this page frequently for any announcements. Please click on "Handouts" on the menu to your left to get a copy of this week's notes. ~~ EC

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