ISE599: Engineering Approaches to Music Perception and Cognition

Spring 2004 Daniel J. Epstein Department of Industrial and Systems Engineering
University of Southern California

Instructor: Elaine Chew ( )
GER-245, (213) 8.212.414
Section: 048-35145D
Day: Thursday 6:30-9:20pm
Location: PHE223
Text: Selected technical papers from current literature
Pre-requisites: Graduate standing in engineering or by instructor's consent.
Music and programming experience (C++ or Java) desirable.

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This course surveys computational research in music perception and cognition. Information processing by humans serves as a basis for improving human-computer interaction in music information systems. The topics include basic concepts of music perception and cognition, computational methods for abstracting and extracting pitch and time structures, pattern and style recognition, expression synthesis, analysis and interpretation. Students will gain hands-on experience by implementing selected algorithms from the surveyed literature. The implementation projects will provide computational practice in music analysis, segmentation, synchronization and retrieval.

The course will be approved for credit towards the MSIMS and MSEE (MCT) and possibily for the MSCSCI (MCT) degrees. It will be cross-listed in the 2004-5 schedule as ISE 575 / EE 675 / CSCI 575.

Updated 30 January 2004.